Utah Deserves Better Than This:

Utah Deserves Better Than This:

Every year, an estimated $330 million worth of natural gas is wasted on federal and tribal lands, while the oil & gas industry vents, leaks, and simply burns off (in a process called "flaring") methane — a dangerous greenhouse gas. And according to a 2015 study, most of this is happening in your backyard, with Utah losing $28.4 million in revenue every year.

A huge chunk of that is your money literally going up in smoke, as taxpayers are expected to make up the difference, and foot the bill for what the oil & gas industry have squandered while they’ve dirtied our air and escalated the climate crisis. The Trump Administration has launched multiple attacks on safeguards protecting us from this pollution — and waste. Their latest attempt is the proposal of a dangerously lax new regulation that takes direct aim at your health and safety — and wallet.

Don't stand for it: Tell the Department of Interior that Americans deserve real protections against this pollution from the Bureau of Land Management.


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Americans deserve stronger methane protections

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