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Make sure Congress knows where IL-6 stands.

We need your help amplifying a crucial point in your local paper.

Make sure Congress knows where IL-6 stands.

A recent article in your local paper discussed the growing solar energy industry within your community. Every small step like this builds to monumental transformations—but if we truly want to combat climate change, we also need leadership at the federal level.

We’ve prepared a Letter to the Editor to reply to this piece to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. But we need your help to get it published.

Letters to the Editor are crucially important. Even while in D.C., your members of Congress are paying close attention to their local papers—especially when they mention their names and set off their Google alerts.

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Letter to the Editor: Solar may be gaining ground in Illinois -- but Congressional leadership is still needed.

Dear Editor of the Chicago Tribune,

In a recent article, it was encouraging to read about the advancement of solar energy technology within our very own community -- and how we are reaping both the environmental and economic benefits of installing more solar panels.

Illinois is lucky to have the framework of the Future Energy Jobs Act to encourage local solar advancements, especially as the Trump Administration unravels our climate protections -- but we need our elected officials also stepping up in Washington. Illinois alone can't stop the climate crisis, if the rest of the country doesn't follow our state's leadership.

That is why Representative Peter Roskam must defend the Clean Power Plan -- our only nationwide limits on carbon pollution from power plants -- from attacks. The Clean Power Plan would empower lawmakers to work with power companies and implement innovative policies -- such as energy efficiency incentives -- that create jobs and reduce electricity bills. Not to mention, in 2016 alone, wind and solar comprised more than 60% of new utility-scale generating capacity -- clearly indicating that renewable energy will continue to bolster vibrant economies, while fossil fuels will continue to become an obsolete and inefficient power source of the past. In addition to the economic benefits, the EPA has estimated that the Clean Power Plan would annually prevent up to 4,500 premature deaths, 1,700 heart attacks, and 90,000 childhood asthma attacks once it is fully implemented.

If Rep. Roskam wants to keep our communities healthy and our skies free of toxic pollution, he will show bipartisan leadership and fight against efforts to repeal the Clean Power Plan -- and pave the way to a clean energy future that puts the people of Illinois first.

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