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Make sure Congress knows where NJ-7 stands.

Recently, an article on NJ.com discussed what has made coal less competitive, highlighting that it’s not a “War on Coal”, but instead, the free market at work. But the Trump Administration is trying to hand polluters an unfair advantage, giving them license to dirty our air—and put our public health at risk—by repealing the Clean Power Plan, America’s first-ever national limits on the dangerous carbon pollution emitted by fossil fuel-fired power plants.

We’ve prepared a Letter to the Editor to reply to this piece to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. But we need your help to get it published.

Letters to the Editor are crucially important. Even while in D.C., your members of Congress are paying close attention to their local papers—especially when they mention their names and set off their Google alerts.

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Letter to the Editor: New Jersey can protect its economies and communities -- by protecting the Clean Power Plan.

Dear Editor of NJ.com,

As was explained in a recent article, there are a number of reasons why coal has been on the decline. It's not a war on the industry, it's the free market at work -- and despite the claims being touted by the Trump Administration, pollution from the coal industry has long endangered our environment and our health.

Representative Leonard Lance must invest in a clean energy future for New Jersey, and take decisive action to combat rising global temperatures and hazardous pollution in our air. But this can only happen if our leaders -- including Rep. Lance -- stand in support of climate action, rather than against it. For example, the Clean Power Plan -- our only nationwide limits on carbon pollution from power plants -- is currently under attack by the Trump Administration. We need Rep. Lance to fight back against this repeal effort and protect the people of New Jersey by supporting this crucial safeguard for our environment, economy, and public health.

The EPA has estimated that the Clean Power Plan would annually prevent up to 4,500 premature deaths, 1,700 heart attacks, and 90,000 childhood asthma attacks once it is fully implemented. In addition to protecting our health, the plan would empower lawmakers to work with power companies and implement innovative policies -- such as energy efficiency incentives -- that create jobs and reduce electricity bills for people like you and me. Not to mention, in 2016 alone, wind and solar comprised more than 60% of new utility-scale generating capacity -- clearly indicating that renewable energy will continue to bolster vibrant economies, while fossil fuels like coal will continue to become an obsolete and inefficient power source of the past.

If Rep. Lance wants to keep New Jersey's economy competitive, communities healthy, and skies free of toxic pollution, he will show bipartisan leadership and fight against efforts to repeal the Clean Power Plan -- and pave the way to a clean energy future that puts the people of New Jersey first.

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