Don’t Let the Trump Administration Put Polluters before Our Children

The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management has released a new proposal to weaken the limits on the amount of methane pollution that the oil and gas industry is allowed to vent, leak and burn. This proposal is a dangerous decision that puts polluters before our families. It also gives the oil and gas industry permission to continue to waste a precious resource. This is not just a win for the oil and gas industry — this puts the health of our children at risk.

Living near oil and gas infrastructure puts communities at risk of being exposed to air pollution linked to heart and lung disease, pregnancy complications, cancer, and more. We should be strengthening protections against these pollutants, not weakening them to benefit the oil and gas industry.

Demand that Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke puts the health of families over the interests of polluters.


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Parents demand stronger methane protections

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