Demand the EPA Walk Back this Attack on Public Health

Demand the EPA Walk Back this Attack on Public Health

EPA has introduced a proposal to roll back key guidelines that help communities suffering from dangerously poor air quality. This poses a specific threat to areas that are ground zero for oil & gas development, which have seen their air grow more polluted as the rest of the country’s gets cleaner.

Why is their air getting more dangerous? Because the oil & gas industry is the leading man-made source of “Volatile Organic Compounds,” or VOCs, which are a key component of smog. In fact, research shows that smog pollution from the oil & gas industry could lead to an additional 750,000 summertime childhood asthma attacks every year. America's children deserve better.

You have a chance to stand up against this. Take action today, and demand that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt walk back this dangerous attack on public health.


  • Administrator E. Scott 'Scott' Pruitt


Please walk back your dangerous proposal to roll back CTGs

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