Get This Toxic Chemical Out of America's Homes

Get This Toxic Chemical Out of America's Homes and Workplaces

Yet another American family has come forward with a story of a devastating, avoidable loss. Drew Wynne was using a product easily found in hardware stores across the country — and possibly in your own garage — to remove paint from a floor in his new workspace. And it cost him his life. He was only 31 years old.

The Coroner’s Report confirmed that the cause of death was exposure to methylene chloride — the active ingredient in the product Drew Wynne used and in countless other paint strippers on store shelves across America, even though safer alternatives are widely available. This lethal chemical has caused deaths across the country for decades. But together, we can protect Americans from its devastating effects.

Take action today, and tell the EPA: Don’t let this happen again. Get this toxic chemical out of America’s homes and workplaces.


  • Acting Administrator Andrew R. Wheeler


It's time to ban methylene chloride in paint stripping products.

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