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Don’t Let Pennsylvania Go Back to 1984

Your state rep. just stood up to oil & gas. Make sure it happens again.

Don’t Let Pennsylvania Go Back to 1984

Gov. Wolf has been working to protect Pennsylvanian families by finalizing pollution controls for oil and gas sources of pollution.

Yet some in the State House are attacking commonsense controls by pushing HB 2154, which would revive outdated and out-of-touch rules in the Oil and Gas Act of 1984 — essentially, undoing over thirty years of hard work that was based on strong scientific advancements and protected the Pennsylvania families that are put at risk by oil & gas drilling every day.

But just recently, Rep. Corbin not only voted against HB 209 — a dangerous bill that would pave the way for political appointees to gut crucial public health protections in favor of the oil & gas industry — she also opposed HB 2154 in committee.

Thank Rep. Becky Corbin for this crucial vote and ensure she continues to stand up for Pennsylvania’s families and communities by opposing HB 2154 as it moves to the floor!


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Thank you for standing up for Pennsylvanians. Keep up the good work, and continue to oppose HB 2154.

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