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Don't Let a Coal Lobbyist Run the EPA

Embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is out. But his replacement isn't an improvement.

Don't Let a Coal Lobbyist Run the EPA

President Trump has accepted embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's resignation. But the next in line — Andrew Wheeler — went from coal lobbyist to Deputy EPA Administrator, and now he's taking the reins.

He's devoted his career to defending the interests of the nation's largest polluters, as a lobbyist and in jobs on Capitol Hill. As he leads the EPA, he will likely use his bureaucratic knowledge to continue to work for the goals of his past clients — with tragic results for our air, water, kids and health.

Wheeler could be more dangerous than Pruitt. Take action today, and tell the Senate: We need real change at the EPA.


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Don't let a coal lobbyist take the reins at EPA

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