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House Hijacks Funding Bill to Attack Public Health

They'll soon vote on legislation that would attack the EPA and endangers Americans' health and safety.

House Hijacks Funding Bill to Attack Public Health

In just a matter of days, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on a funding bill that takes direct aim at Americans’ health and safety. The Interior Minibus Appropriations bill is loaded down with policy riders that gut our bedrock environmental protections and aim to slash EPA’s staff.

Why include these attacks in an appropriations bill? Because when our opponents can’t pass standalone legislation to block our bedrock protections, they use the funding process to attack our rights to clean air and water. Hard budget deadlines mean Members of Congress are more likely to vote “yes” on a funding bill that includes items they would usually reject — even though these anti-environmental riders provide no benefits and don’t have public support.

Americans deserve better. Tell your Representative to reject this bloated funding bill that puts Americans at risk.


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