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Don't Let Them Gut EPA Funding!

We have a strong chance at stopping this dangerous attack in the Senate -- but only if we act fast.

The House Has Attacked Public Health

The House of Representatives voted to pass an Interior Minibus Appropriations bill loaded up with attempts to gut the EPA & attack Americans’ health and safety — because when our opponents can't pass standalone legislation to block our bedrock protections, they use the funding process to attack our rights to clean air and water.

This bill now heads to the Senate, where we have a strong chance to block its worst components. 40 Senators have signed onto a letter calling for the appropriations process to be kept clean of environmental attacks. We need to make sure they stand strong — and convince their colleagues to join them.

Take action today, and tell your Senators: Don’t let the funding process be abused to attack public health & safety.


Don't approve an Interior Approps bill that attacks EPA

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