Stand Up for Ohio Clean Energy

Tell Senator Obhof to protect Ohio's renewable energy and energy efficiency standards.

Members of the Ohio Senate are considering legislation that sets our state even further behind on clean energy. Substitute House Bill 114 is the Senate’s version of legislation passed by the House last year that attacks efforts to reduce pollution and increase investment in clean energy jobs in Ohio. HB 114 slashes the state’s successful renewable energy standards and waters down energy efficiency programs, creating winners and losers. The legislation does include a fix to Ohio’s restrictive siting policy on wind turbines, but does so at the expense of our clean energy standards. Ohio needs a comprehensive clean energy strategy, not legislation that fixes wind development policy at the expense of energy efficiency. We can have it all!

Please take a moment to tell Senate President Larry Obhof that Ohioans should not have to choose between preserving successful clean energy standards and fixing laws that make wind energy development nearly impossible!


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Protect Ohio's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Standards

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