Help Wyoming Step Up to Lead on Clean Air

Help Wyoming Step Up to Lead on Clean Air

Wyoming loses as much as $96 million worth of natural gas every year through leaky equipment, and wasteful practices that simply release natural gas into the air or burn it off. That costs the state an additional $8.8 to $16 million in lost revenue to Wyoming taxpayers every year — while releasing dangerous pollution that drives up the climate crisis and puts Wyomingites’ health at risk.

So while the federal government in Washington, D.C. moves in the wrong direction, Wyoming has stepped up and proposed extending western Wyoming’s successful limits on dangerous oil & gas pollution to the rest of the state.

Take action today, and make sure this proposal is strengthened and finalized. Tell Wyoming's Department of Environmental Quality that the citizens of the Cowboy State are ready for action.


Re: Chapter 6 Section 2 Permitting Guidance

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