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What's Climate Change Costing You?

Don’t let Trump and his allies saddle American families with this hefty bill.

What's Climate Change Costing You?

From coast to coast, America’s economy is struggling to deal with the fallout of the climate crisis. California has already exhausted its annual $442.8 million budget allocated to fight wildfires. And Hurricane Florence is hurdling towards the East Coast, reminding us of the more than $200 billion in damages Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico experienced just last year.

It's climate pollution fueling these catastrophes, and Americans are footing the bill. So why are President Trump and his allies in Congress using the funding process to attempt to undermine the crucial tools that put a price on carbon pollution?

Earlier this summer, your Senator took a stand and demanded the appropriations process be kept free of anti-environmental policy attacks. Take acton today, and make sure your Senators stay true to their word.


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