Are You Fired Up and Ready to Vote? Share Your Story!

Are You Fired Up and Ready to Vote? Share Your Story!

One really effective way to encourage more people to vote is to share personal stories about what inspires you to vote. This year, we want to test this idea — and we need your help.

In 50 words or less, please share your story about what environmental issues are inspiring you to vote this year and why you hope others will vote too. We will collect your stories, print them on postcards, and send them to lapsed voters to encourage them to turn out this year.

Your words could inspire a new voter! Please share your story today.

A few quick tips:

1) Positive messages work better than negative ones. Think of the environmental issues you care about solving and why you hope those issues will inspire others to vote.
2) Regardless of how you feel, don’t frame your message around specific campaigns, candidates, or even the current administration. Studies have indicated that nonpartisan voter mobilization efforts are actually more effective than partisan ones.
3) Imagine you’re writing a message to a real nonvoter and share your personal message to that individual. Not necessarily a specific person, but a real nonvoter.


Let's get out the vote!

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Nonvoter,

I am writing to you today to ask you to vote on Election Day, November 6th, because:

Thank you,


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