URGENT: California's Chance to Save the Amazon

URGENT: California's Chance to Save the Amazon

While the Trump Administration works to undermine the biggest steps America has taken to combat the climate crisis, California isn’t giving up. Instead, you’re leading the way. And now, the Golden State has a chance to make its biggest impact yet — while protecting the endangered species that call the Amazon home — by harnessing the power of forests to cut climate pollution.

The California Air Resources Board is considering setting a much-needed standard for critical programs that protect rainforests, to produce rainforest credits — and help carbon markets like California’s ensure they are investing in high-quality programs to protect these forests while also reducing pollution from industry.

We can’t stop the climate crisis without protecting the world’s rainforests. California has a chance to step up — take action today to seize this opportunity!


Adopt the California Tropical Forest Standard (tfs2018)

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