Bring Your Community Together for Clean Air

Moms showed up to the polls this year in record numbers. Now our kids need us to show up again — not at the ballot box, but right here in our communities. Come January, we’ll be working with a brand new Congress. We need to make sure moms are ready to fight for our kids when they arrive in Washington.

So we’re asking you — and moms across the country — to host a gathering of moms, dads, and children’s health advocates in your community to prepare for the fight ahead.

We’ll follow up with you and provide you with all the support you need in order to bring your community together, talk about the issues threatening our kids’ health, and host a successful event. Don’t worry, every event is a Moms Clean Air Force community affair — you won’t be doing this alone!

Be a Host for Clean Air!

I will bring my community together to fight for clean air.

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