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Thank Congress for Protecting Our Oceans!

Bipartisan compromise gives recreational fishermen a win while keeping strong standards in place.

Thank Congress for Protecting Our Oceans!

It’s one of America’s greatest environmental success stories: Once dramatically overfished, our oceans are replenishing. Species have been brought back from the brink — all while American fisheries continued to thrive.

But this year, a quiet attack in Congress would have put all of that at risk by exempting key fisheries from science-based catch limits, undermining the recovery of depleted fish populations, and more. EDF Action supporters leapt into action, flooding Congress with calls and emails — and all of that changed.

The final Modern Fish Act, as passed by Congress, responds to the demands of recreational fishing advocates without jeopardizing sustainability — and keeps this crucial environmental success story intact. Thank Congress for this stunning improvement!


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Modern Fish Act -- bipartisanship at work

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