Stand Up for Clean Air in Springfield

Stand Up for Clean Air in Springfield

Dynegy-Vistra, a Texas-based power company that is Illinois’ biggest polluter, has asked Illinois to ease the air pollution restrictions that keep our communities safe — so they can fill our air with even more toxic pollution.

After thousands of people like you stood up and opposed this attack, the Illinois Pollution Control Board rejected Dynegy’s original proposal. However, the Board’s modified draft would still allow Dynegy to increase its dangerous coal pollution by a whopping 40 percent.

It is now up to you to fight back and demand the existing air pollution protections be kept in place. There will be a public hearing to allow Illinoisans to submit spoken comments to the Pollution Control Board — where you can ask the Board to protect people over polluters.

Here are the details:

DATE: Tuesday, January 29, 2019

TIME: 5:30pm - 8:00pm

WHERE: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Sangamo Room, 1021 N Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL

HOW: There will be a sign-in sheet at the back of the hearing room. You must arrive and sign up in-person before 6:30pm in order to offer your brief spoken comment to the Board.

Let us know that you would like to offer a public comment at the hearing on January 29, and we will send you all the information and talking points you need to be successful!


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