Don't Let the Trump EPA Leave Workers Unprotected

Don't Let the Trump EPA Leave Workers Unprotected

Kevin Hartley was only 21 years old when tragically he passed away after being overcome by chemical fumes while refinishing a bathtub on the job in Nashville, Tennessee. The cause of his death was acute exposure to methylene chloride — a highly toxic chemical that can be lethal and has been linked to dozens of deaths across the country for decades.

Unfortunately, after a two-year delay, the Trump EPA finalized a ban on methylene chloride paint strippers that is significantly weaker than the one originally proposed. While protecting consumers, it excludes all commercial uses, despite the fact that the great majority of reported deaths from these products have involved workers. Instead of banning commercial uses outright, the EPA is merely starting a process to gather input on what a possible future worker certification and training program might look like — delaying any real action for years.

Take action today, and tell EPA: Don’t let another tragic death happen. Protect all Americans from deadly paint strippers.


  • Administrator Andrew Wheeler


It's time to protect consumers and workers from deadly paint strippers.

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