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New Mexicans Are In Danger:

This fix could solve a major problem. We need to make sure the legislature passes it.

New Mexicans Are In Danger:

Over the past decade, oil and gas-related spills in New Mexico have increased nearly 100% — but companies paid $0 in penalties in 2018. This is a problem with real consequences; putting our health, our air, and our water at risk.

It’s all because of a loophole created by a 2009 New Mexico Supreme Court ruling, which stripped New Mexico’s Oil Conservation Division of the ability to administratively fine bad actors in industry for spills and other pollution that puts the public at risk — effectively creating a free-for-all for breaking the law.

A new bill in the State Senate could change all of that. Take action today, and make sure your State Senator stands up and protects New Mexicans.


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