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Stop Pennsylvania's Nuclear Bailout

We need legislation that cleans up carbon and methane pollution in PA.

Stop Pennsylvania's Nuclear Bailout

A piece of legislation currently moving through Pennsylvania's State House effectively requires the purchase of power from PA's nuclear plants irrespective of the availability of lower cost options. This bill is an expensive Band-Aid that saddles consumers with the majority of risk, and fails to address the immediate need for climate action.

Now that you've made the call to your State Represenative, it's time to take things one step further: by following up with a letter to their office.

Tips for letter-writing:

Remember to keep your letter brief and polite, and only focus on one issue. Research has shown that when making decisions, lawmakers react more positively to real, human stories than to "rational information" like cold numbers and statistics. A captivating narrative mapping out your journey championing an issue or policy has tremendous power — so make sure you include person reasons for why you support clean energy in Pennsylvania!

Talking points:

  • You are strongly opposed to the nuclear bailout bill currently moving through the State House.
  • The bill fails to address the immediate need to develop a durable strategy to clean up the carbon pollution from Pennsylvania’s energy sector.
  • We must focus on setting a declining limit on carbon pollution in Pennsylvania.


Vote No on the Nuclear Bailout

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