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We need a 100% clean energy economy for all Americans

A clean energy future is necessary to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

We need clean energy for all Americans by 2050

We must reach a 100% clean economy by 2050 as part of a global effort to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. That means emitting no more climate pollution than we can remove, and replacing polluting sources of energy with wind, solar, and other clean sources of power. The result would be a healthier, safer and more vibrant world that benefits all Americans.

Diverse businesses, advocates and local leaders have joined the call for a fast and inclusive transition to this clean energy future, and it’s widely supported by Americans of all stripes, from all corners of the country.

The good news is we have the technical know-how to make this future a reality.

Now, we need our members of Congress to speak up for the future we deserve. Any agenda that looks to face the most serious problems and realities of our country and our world must include a plan to move America toward a clean energy economy.

Tell your members of Congress: it’s 100% the time to move to a 100% clean energy economy.


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