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Trump's Complacency is Our Opportunity

He thinks he’s slowing us down, but he might just be giving us exactly what we need.

Trump's Complacency is Our Opportunity

We have a choice to make for the remainder of President Trump’s time in office: We can give up on building federal solutions. We can focus on playing defense — or, we can also go on the offense. We can spend this time building a strategy that the environmental movement can get behind together. We can ensure that the next Congress walks into the Capitol ready to hold polluters accountable, ready to finally act on the climate crisis, with a bill ready and waiting to become law.

The first step? Uniting as many members of Congress as possible behind the 100% Clean Economy Act — legislation that incorporates the Green New Deal’s goal of getting America’s economy to eliminate climate pollution (otherwise known as achieving net zero emissions).

But we can’t get there without you: Take action today, and dmake sure your representative supports this crucial bill.


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