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Congress has until December 20 to pass a final budget that increases funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and the programs and services that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the parks and neighborhoods where our children live and play. If Congress misses this deadline, we face the threat of another devastating government shutdown.

The public health risk for our kids is growing more urgent each day. Without a final budget, increased federal funding could be lost for critical programs that reduce air pollution, eliminate toxic chemicals from common household products, and provide access to clean drinking water.

Failing to pass a final budget, and trigger another government shutdown, could mean dirtier water and air that’s less safe for our children and families.

We’re counting on our Senators to fight for our children by passing a final budget that puts people over polluters once and for all.

Tell your Senator: Act now and pass a final budget that prioritizes our kids’ health!


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Please pass a final budget that prioritizes our kids' health.

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