Protect Louisiana's Vital Swamp Habitat

Protect Louisiana's Vital Swamp Habitat

Louisiana’s Maurepas Swamp complex is one of the largest forested wetlands in America. Its tree-dominated swamplands can help slow down the storm surges, wind, and floods that will increasingly put Louisianans at risk. But without action and large-scale restoration projects, the Maurepas Swamp is at risk.

The RESTORE Council — which was created in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, in order to restore the Gulf Coast and protect it from future ecological problems — has the opportunity to allocate funding for the construction of the River Reintroduction to Maurepas Swamp, a coastal restoration project that would bring about 45,000 acres of the Maurepas Swamp back from the brink.

Take action today, and tell the RESTORE Council to seize this opportunity to protect the swamp and help both Louisiana's wildlife and people.


Allocate funding to protect Maurepas Swamp

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