Tell Secretary Zinke to protect our children from natural gas pollution

Each year, $330 million dollars of natural gas is wasted on our public lands through the harmful practices of venting and flaring. This isn’t just a colossal waste of money: it also makes climate change worse, and increases dangerous air pollution in surrounding communities.

Last year, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) made progress toward curbing this pollution, by finalizing the Natural Gas Waste Prevention Rule. But now, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke wants to suspend this health-protective rule. Zinke wants to delay protections for 2 years, allowing the oil and gas industry to recklessly leak methane and toxic chemicals into the air—putting our children at greater risk for asthma attacks and cancer.

Leaking, venting and flaring from natural gas operations puts our families at considerable health risk while wasting taxpayer money. We need to hold polluters accountable for outdated and reckless practices that threaten our children’s health and future and waste our hard earned tax dollars.

Tell Secretary Zinke not to delay the BLM Natural Gas Waste Prevention Rule.


  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Please keep BLM's methane protections firmly in place.

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