Make the Call: Demand Congress Protect Our Babies' Brains

Trump’s EPA — under the leadership of Andrew Wheeler — has hit its lowest, most cynical level in its radical agenda to destroy protections against pollution.

They have launched a process to sabotage and ultimately destroy our Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. These are protections that keep a dangerous poison from harming our babies' brains. This is a terrifying development because of what it means for our health. It’s also terrifying because it shows that Trump's EPA will stop at nothing to protect polluter profits.

Tell your members of Congress to demand that EPA stop undermining the protections that safeguard our children from the dangerous effects of this pollution.

Enter your information below, and we’ll call you back to connect you to your Senator’s office while talking points (which you can preview below the form) appear on this screen to ensure you know what to say every step of the way.

Don't forget to tell the staffer who answers:

  • 1) Your name and where you're calling from.
  • 2) That you are calling deeply concerned by the Environmental Protection Agency's attempt to destroy America's Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.
  • 3) That these protections keep a dangerous poison from harming our babies' brains, and are already in place and working to protect our children today.
  • 3) And that you’re calling to ask that your Senator publicly oppose any attempts to undermine these life-saving standards.