Join the 2018 Aurora Mama Summit!


Moms & Mayors

Join us for the 2018 Aurora Mama Summit!

Our Moms & Mayors program pairs the power of moms with the power of mayors to make change at the local level. And right now, local action has never been more important — or inspiring. Our federal government may be rolling back air, water, and climate protections, but mayors across the country are finding innovative solutions: running their cities on clean energy, saving money, and protecting children’s health.

So in Aurora, we’re inviting moms, families and our local elected officials to come together on May 7th for our first ever city-wide Mama Summit. Together, we’ll work with our local officials to build a healthier, safer, and cleaner Aurora for the sake of our kids. The goal of this day of action is to amplify the message of fighting for clean air and protecting children’s health; we will hear from local elected officials who are taking necessary actions on climate and clean air in the absence of federal leadership through local means of governance.

Here is all the information you need — we hope you’ll join us!

When: Monday, May 7th — 3:30PM-5:30PM

Where: Aurora Water-Wise Garden (across from City Hall), 15151 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012

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